A Pain-Free Dental Implant Procedure

Although getting an implant placed in your jaw sounds painful, it really isn’t!  Your mouth will be totally numb around the dental implant site so that you don’t feel anything during the procedure. If you’re still not convinced, it can help to know that your bone doesn’t have any nerve endings. Most people say the procedure feels like a simple dental extraction.

Encino implant dentist Dr. Jamsheed will make sure that the minor incision at your surgical site is as small as possible, to minimize discomfort afterward.

Your dental implant treatment at Encino Dental Surgery will be so straightforward, that you might not believe us when we tell you it’s over!


What About Discomfort After the Implant Surgery?

Some irritation is normal after getting a dental implant. The numbing anesthesia will wear off within a few hours after your procedure, and that’s when the discomfort starts to set in.

Most dental implant patients report that getting an implant is comparable to the feeling of having just about any other routine dental procedure.

Discomfort from a dental implant surgery shouldn’t last long. It’s easy to manage by taking an over-the-counter pain reliever and holding an ice pack against your face. Your surgical site should start feeling better within a few days. If the pain doesn’t lessen or if it gets worse, that could indicate an unusual problem and you’ll need to call Dr. Jamsheed.


What Life with a Dental Implant Feels Like

Once your dental implant heals and fuses with the bone in your jaw, you won’t feel a thing. Dental implants are so strong that you can comfortably chew with them as you would a natural tooth. Eventually, you could actually forget that you even have an implant.

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