6 Reasons Why You Might Need A Dental Crown

A crown is a “cap” or cover that fits over your tooth. This restoration is made from a variety of very strong materials.  They’re usually manufactured at a dental lab or in-office using a 3-D type printing machine.

Dental crowns look just like a tooth, except the inside is hollowed out so that it can slide over your natural bite with room to cement in place. In order to make space for your crown to fit properly, our Encino, CA dentist will thin down various surfaces of your tooth.

Crowns are very common, and there are several reasons why we recommend them to our patients. Here are just a few examples.

  1. You have a damaged tooth

If your tooth is damaged because you fell, got hit in the mouth, or bit down too hard on something, a crown can be placed to protect it from further damage.

  1. There is a large filling or significant amount of decay

Large fillings or having a lot of decay weakens a natural tooth.  Having a crown to stabilize your tooth will prolong its life.

  1. Your tooth is cracked

If ignored, a shallow crack can deepen quickly and may cause you to lose your tooth. By trimming your tooth down, we can remove and stop the shallow cracks, then cover the area with a dental crown.

  1. Your tooth is misshaped

Crooked or slanted teeth can be shaped and covered with a cosmetic dental crown.

  1. You recently had a root canal (endodontic therapy)

Since root canal therapy can leave your tooth vulnerable to wear, our Encino dentist will most often recommend that you have a crown placed at the same time. 

  1. You have a dental implant

The restoration that goes over a single implant is typically a dental crown. It’s what tops off your new “tooth.”

Dental Crowns in Encino, CA

If you need a dental crown, one of the best dentists to see in Encino, CA is Dr. Jamsheed of Encino Dental Studio. Call us today!

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