6 Foods to Eat for a Healthier Smile

If you want to enjoy better oral health, there’s no better way to improve things than by brushing and flossing frequently. But there’s more to your cavity risk than just how much you brush. Your diet is also an important factor in your oral health.

Incorporating more of these surprisingly simple items into your daily meals can make your mouth healthier.


Sharp Cheddar Cheese

Cheese is an excellent snack that promotes healthy teeth. Note that it has to be a natural aged cheese; processed cheese-flavored products aren’t quite the same thing. Cheese is a wonderful source of calcium, which strengthens enamel and that tangy-savory flavor stimulates a healthy saliva flow so that it’s also good for your teeth.


Unsweetened Green Tea

Take your tea without sugar! Sweetened teas will only dissolve your enamel. Various studies suggest that, taken plain, green tea could possibly benefit your smile in the following ways:



Mint is a plant that contains phenols, which have been proven to cancel out some of the volatiles (smelly agents) in garlic. By having a little mint after a meal with garlic, you could avoid a case of halitosis.


Fresh Apples

Apples may be even better than mint for freshening your breath, studies suggest. Apples are also a good source of fiber and water, both of which help clean teeth and prevent decay.



Sugar-free and loaded with protein and calcium, you can’t find a more convenient and smile-friendly snack than almonds.


Plain Yogurt

Yogurt is another good source of calcium and won’t rot your teeth if it’s sugar-free. It’s also good for naturally balancing out your bacterial flora in your mouth.

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