5 Tips for Avoiding Tooth Sensitivity

Rather than treating your tooth sensitivity, our Encino, California dentist likes to take a different approach, and show you how to prevent it in the first place.  Here are five tips that can help you do just that.

  1. Take Caution Using Whitening Products. Some whitening products have very powerful ingredients that can cause severe tooth sensitivity. Check your labels carefully, or speak with our dentist to see which formula he recommends.


  1. Don’t Brush Too Hard. Many people believe the common misconception that the harder they brush, the cleaner their teeth are going to get. This isn’t true.  Brushing too hard can wear tooth enamel and gum tissue which leads to some serious sensitivity issues. Instead, use a soft-bristled toothbrush and brush gently.


  1. Avoid Acidic Food and Drinks. Acid breaks down tooth enamel, causing the inner, dentin layer of your tooth to be exposed. Dentin is very vulnerable to temperatures so take care of your enamel by avoiding acidic food and drinks like sodas and citric foods.


  1. Get Teeth Grinding Under Control. Grinding and clenching your teeth is the equivalent of wearing them down with sandpaper. This causes exposure of the dentin or even the tooth’s nerve. If you have bruxism, then speak with our dentist about getting a mouthguard to prevent damaging your teeth.


  1. Have Regular Dental Check-ups and Cleanings. Regular dental cleanings will help ensure that you always have good oral hygiene. During your check-ups, we can look for issues that may cause sensitivity, like tooth decay, worn dental work, or chipped and broken teeth.

Where to Get Tooth Sensitivity Treated?

Of course, if you do find yourself struggling with tooth sensitivity Dr. Amir Jamsheed and the staff of Encino Dental Studio will gladly help you get some relief.  A fluoride treatment may be all that you need. Call our Encino dentist today to schedule a consultation.

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