5 Things That May Be Causing Your Toothache

Your toothache can have several different causes. When you come to our Encino, California dentist to determine the reason for your toothache, we will want to evaluate the following:

1. Dental Cavities

Dental decay occurs when the enamel (outermost layer of your tooth) becomes eroded and breaks down. We can oftentimes see decay because it causes tooth discoloration and softens the enamel, but to confirm, an x-ray will reveal the true extent of your cavities.

2. Abscessed Tooth

An abscessed tooth is an infected dental nerve and is caused by a broken tooth or a deep cavity that reached the pulp within the middle of your tooth.

3. Trauma

Blunt-force trauma like being hit in the mouth during sports or a car accident can cause severe pain to your teeth which can be temporary or lead to permanent side-effects.

4. Gum Disease

When you have gum disease, the jaw bone that holds your teeth in place starts to deteriorate, making your teeth loose. Loose teeth are painful when you bite them together or try to chew food.

5. Grinding and/or Clenching

Grinding and clenching your teeth puts strain on them, which can make them sore. If you have a really bad habit of doing this, or if it’s been going on for a while, you likely have worn your teeth.

Worn teeth reveal a different layer of your tooth structure, known as the dentin, which is particularly sensitive to hot and cold temperatures because it isn’t as dense as enamel.

Toothache Treatment in Encino, California

Toothaches are a serious and painful condition that shouldn’t be ignored. Don’t wait until it gets worse. If you have a tooth that’s bothering you then call Dr. Amir Jamsheed of Encino Dental Studio today. We’re always here to help you, whenever you need us.

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